Refund Policy


Lebaas Couture caters refund for following mentioned reasons,

Delayed by brand : If 14 working days have passed since your estimated delivery timeline provide by Lebaas Couture at time of purchase confirmation, given that vendor is allowed to change the estimated delivery timeline only once, due to any reason that may affect production implied by designer/brand, government order or an act of God, when the customer is pre-informed either by the Lebaas Couture’s team or designer’s team.

Out of stock : If the brand/vendor notifies us that your preferred item is being out of stock/ out of production and can no longer be made available in the future.

Return : In case you have filed for return and we have approved and received your return in any of our Lebaas Couture warehouses and not the designer’s then it is eligible for refund. In such cases, Lebaas Couture will only refund the cost of the product and not bear charges for courier, return-shipping, or any amendments and stitching done to the product by the customer. In case a parcel has been stuck in customs and is returned back to the Lebaas Couture  warehouse, then shipping charges are non-refundable.

Exchange : If you have exchanged/ replaced your outfit with another outfit available in stock on our website and there is a pending balance amount at our end. In such cases we will refund your amount or provide you with store credit as per your preference.

Post delivery issues :

  • First 24 hours after delivery of the Order : Client has to report a complaint.
  • Next 24 hours after reporting a complaint : Client has to provide proof of their refund claim in the form of pictures, videos or any other compelling evidence.

Next 24 hours after providing the proof : Client must provide a return receipt once the case manager has approved the return.

Issue in payment :

  • If your order is made to order then refunds won't be catered after your order has gone into production i.e. After 48 hours of order confirmation, the made to order articles cannot be refunded.
  • Some Brands/Vendors/Designers do not offer refund option on certain articles from their Luxury Pret/Formals/Bridals collections although in standard sizes due to their price point and therefore Lebaas Couture  would not be able to refund those article.